Equi-N-ice Bandage and Coolant

The Bandage
Reduces minor bruises and soreness instantly.
Speeds recovery.
Helps iliminate tendon and ligament soreness.
Will stay cool for up to 2 hours
No need to refrigeratie.
Reusable with Liquid Ice Recharger

To Use:
Remove bandage from package and ring out excess liquid as this will slow cooling effect.

The Coolant
Recharges the equi-n-ice bandage.
It works by drawing heat out rather than driving cold in. It requires no refrigeration, is not messy, needs no mixing and has no unpleasant smells.
The treated area will drop by 10-15 degree C and stay that way for up to 2-3 hours.
It is supplied in the correct concentration for direct application for ease of use and is non-irritant to the skin.
Can be purchased separately